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Bert Heerink

Bert’s first band Threshold included Paul and Dick Kemper, his later colleagues in music business, (playing in Vandenberg and Normaal), playing the famous Sarasani club at the Isle of Texel during six weeks as sidekick of many great bands in 1973. That formed him as the singer he still is today; determined and all-round!

As frontman of the band Vandenberg he found himself quite surprisingly on the international stages as the band gained success and wide acclaim due to the hit single ‘Burning Heart’. Consequently, Bert travelled around the world with Vandenberg.

After that adventure Bert joined two other bands, Picture and Undercover, but when he sang a song for a big beer commercial, he was hitting the charts again. Over 500,000 copies were sold (resulting in a six times platinum award) and a top ten hit. A gold record followed and that kickstarted his never ending career in The Netherlands in a variety of groups and formations.

Musicals with the Dutch Royal Airforce ( ‘Tommy’ and ‘Queen In Concert’), singer in the successful Disney films ‘Tarzan’ (co-working with Phil Collins) and ‘Brother Bear’, participating and partly producing “Symphonic Echoes of Pink Floyd’ with the Orchestra of the Northern Netherlands and since 2013 singer of the band of the worldwide acclaimed guitar player Jan Akkerman, ‘My Brainbox’ .

Bert was knighted in 2008 by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands for his achievement in pop music and his contribution to the internal organization KidsRights.