Melodic and catchy Rock.  Unmistakably influenced by the greatest of AOR bands like Van Halen, Journey, Toto, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Uriah Heep and Survivor but absolute never anything less then Authentic & Unique in our time whereas History meets Reality!  

How to present the guys who are ready to hit any stage to proceed where melodic rock threatened to end?

Let us introduce:

  • On drums, the heartbeat of the band, we find the man who doesn’t just knów what a band needs: he provides it. Steady. Solid. Like an athlete in his supreme performance. Reliable and dedicated. With pride to therefore be the founder & leader of this band. Arno te Loo. a.o. Aeroforceone, 4EIGNER, tributes.
  • Then there is the one and only bear-on-bass, creative and mighty. Able to stretch out to an impressive hight, but also capable to deep roar, hardly heard. Just felt….The wizard of bass. Barend Courbois. a.o. Blind Guardian, Michael Schenker Group.
  • The guitar has its twin brother in the guy who was brought up with it and plays it like no other. The two of them are pushing and rousing each other to the best of performance, often astonished, never intimidated, simply the best! Timo Somers. a.o. Vengeance, Delain, Ayreon, Jett Rebel.
  • With an undivided love for the keys, every touch of its owner can be described as “making love to music”. All intention, all meaning is a gesture of understanding and tlc to the songs. And make no mistake; he rocks them! Jeffrey Revet. a.o. Stream of passion, Queen the Music tribute.
  • And there is the singer. He breathes in the individual qualities of each musician, lets it pass his heart and soul and gives it all back in the lyrics with an unique voice that stirs up the passion for great AOR. No wonder he has already seen the international stages worldwide…. Bert Heerink. a.o. Vandenberg, Jan Akkerman.